Coulson Lives!

Huzzah – an “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D” TV series promo is with us!

Being a cynical soul, I’ve got reservations about how a weekly Marvel Universe TV series could be sustained.  These are mostly related to my conviction that that the 24 Episodes US TV season model is a recipe for treading water and pushing out forgettable product rather than delivering fantastic storytelling each week.  If “Doctor Who” can’t hit the jackpot each week with fewer episodes a year to play with, what chance a show which has to exercise Clint Barton-like accuracy from September to April?

Whedon show?  Whedon show.
Whedon show? Whedon show.


That said, whose geeky heart doesn’t beat slightly quicker at the notion of plucky S.H.I.E.L.D agents having to work in the shadows and keep all safe from super-powered miscreants domestic, foreign and intergalactic?  And as for the prospect of having Cap or Tony Stark turn up for sweeps cameos? Oy vey!

Who would bet against the House of Ideas at this point?  “Iron Man 3” has enjoyed what some might call a divided response from critics and audience alike – FYI,  I loved it – but has still made $948,993,000 in a little over two weeks.  I’m not sure that a TV show can enjoy quite that much love, but I’d love to see the extended Whedon family knock one out of the park…


“A Game of Thrones” – Metallic K.O.


Over at A Metal State of Mind, atleastimhousebroken, sterling writer, metalhead and fan of George R.R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice & Fire” series has penned a series of posts matching characters from the epic fantasy saga to apropos metal songs (Sansa Stark?Nightwish!).

I confess that it’s testing my geek resolve – this bank holiday weekend in the UK might be the one in which I take my first steps into Westeros…

So many books/tv series – so little time…

“Game of Thrones” theme goes Metal.


Dinklage throws the horns and all is well in the world...


Via our dear friends at the UK’s most heavily metallic publication, Metal Hammer, comes a link to a none-more-metal cover version of the theme song to “A Game of Thrones” (AKA, that show that I know I’ll love and still haven’t watched).  If you can think of a TV show more deserving of such musical treatment, you’re a finer nerd than I (if you just said My Little Pony – Friendship is Magic, please feel free to depart the blog forthwith).


Frankly, what’s not to like?  Erstwhile shredder and YouTuber ERock331 also does bad-ass covers of the themes from Doctor Who (yes, yes – thrice YES!), Back to the Future and other geek-friendly loveliness over on his YouTube channel and confirms his (newly-confirmed, by me) status as a gentleman, scholar and delightful nerd.

Respect is, quite clearly, due…

How this blog exploded.

Mr Watson and friend solve problems via the medium of genius...

So, this is what it’s like to be popular.

You write one post on “Sherlock” season 2’s finale (and season 3’s green-light) and it goes – as they say – viral.

I thought that something was going on when I looked at my WordPress site statistics and noticed a bit more traffic than I usually get in the middle of the week.  This happens from time to time, but the visits that I was getting were skewing ever higher.

My fatalist brain suspected hacking or spam-bot infiltration of some kind but the truth was rather more benevolent – the BBC’s “Sherlock” mini-site had automatically selected my post and put it up in their blog buzz section, which caused views to go utterly hat stand for the best part of a day.

Fame! Sweet, small-time, nerd-o-riffic Internet Fame!

Things are now getting back to normal and the view count has chilled a bit – which is probably how I like it.  Imagine the pressure of having to entertain people day in, day out and not having the first clue about how you’re going to go about it!  It doesn’t bear thinking about…


“Inspector Spacetime” – the question isn’t where, but when…

I love nerds. Nerds effing rule.

Over at Tor’s blog, there’s a fantastic piece about “Community” and it’s insta-cult “Doctor Who” parody, “Inspector Spacetime” – which you can watch here on IO9.

A 45 second throwaway gag in the “Community” season premiere now has its own fandom.  Sometimes, I really love Teh Internetz…

The show that "Doctor Who" wishes it was. Or something. My head hurts.