Rolling Eyeballs

"Are you sure this is the way to Meadowhall?"
Fluffrick's attempts to save money on his commute proved fruitless...

As my lovely wife, Mrs Boo, will be happy to tell you over on her blog at Rolling Eyeballs, today is the eighth anniversary of our first meeting.

After many long letters and some ruinously expensive phone calls, our first date happened on July 7, 2002. We met at York Railway Station, and after some initial – ‘Is that you? Are you him? What’s going on with his hair?’ type shenanigans, we walked around the city centre for a while and chatted away merrily before going to see what become our first movie – Spielberg’s awfully chirpy Philip K. Dick adaptation, “Minority Report” (hence the ‘Rolling Eyeballs’ title of Mrs Boo’s blog). I thank the good people of “SFX” magazine every day, honestly.

I have to say that Mrs Boo tells the story quite a bit better than I do – why not go and have a read?