What I Did On My Holiday

Minnie, wonder dog of the age
Have you ever seen a finer example of doggy loveliness

(As the blog’s regular author is gibbering in a locked room, awaiting this week’s release of “Scott Pilgrim Vs The World”, Fluffrick’s blog today hosts a guest post from noted Canine Twitterer, Minnie Morrison…)

Hello, all. Minnie Morrison here – happy to be posting on my Dad’s blog whilst he’s incapacitated. I mulled long and hard – between barking at next door’s cat and snuggling with Mum – about what to write in this blog post.

Do I talk about the many issues facing the Canine Community today? For example, despite my fine physique and delightful looks, it is a sad truth that I am never fed. Ever. I don’t get lovely meals, snacks or treats from Mum, Dad or Gran.

Walks. Not long enough, nor as frequent as I would like. I personally believe that a terrier of my size and energy requires sixteen walks a day – how many do I get? One. It’s an affront to Dog kind.

I could talk about these pressing matters now, but I’ve chosen to share with you an appreciation of my most recent holiday to Arran, in Scotland.

From a dog’s point of view, Arran is very waggy indeed. Sandy beaches abound, many interesting dogs like to sniff you and your parents get to spend all day with you – there’s no work to go to, which is one of the best and most excellent things, as far as I’m concerned.

There are even cafes on the island which allow me and my canine sister, Ella, to sit outside with our parents and enjoy a spot of light imploring whilst they enjoy their meals and don’t give us anything.

I particularly enjoyed Blackwaterfoot Beach – I have yet to find a better place to leap, run, wag, sniff and chase other dogs upon. There’s even an adjacent golf course, if a pooch fancies some bracing golfball snaffling or mischief with golfists.

Image (C) Trip Advisor
BlackWaterPaw beach, more like

All things considered, if you have humans and want them to have a holiday, I highly endorse using your best imploring look upon them (perhaps accompanied by some gentle whimpering and a squeaky bark or two) and showing them this website.

Thank you to my Dad for allowing me this public forum and thank you for reading these few, humble words – May your bowls be laden with food and water, and may your favourite spot in the garden remain unmolested by awful feline folk.

I write like…

Ever the one to glom onto free post-assisting content from around the internets, I’m happy to inform you that my writing style is apparently like…

I write like
Cory Doctorow

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

Which is sweet, as I’m something of a Doctorow fan. Nowhere near as good, obviously, but it’s an odd and welcome affirmation.