Superman Vs Batman – the movie!

Oh San Diego ComicCon,with this news you are spoiling me...
Oh San Diego ComicCon,with this news you are spoiling me…


Zack Snyder, fresh from annoying a great many people with this summer’s “Man of Steel” – haven’t seen it yet, so I can’t comment – truly chucked the feline incursionist  amidst the pigeons yesterday by announcing that he and Warner Brothers are now working on a “Superman”/”Batman” team-up movie.

Can you say ‘license to print money’?

According to Warner’s official PR blurb, Henry Cavill and his “MoS” cast mates Diane Lane will return – no actor has yet been cast in the Batman role.   Snyder and Warner will have to get a move on, though – this out-of-left-field franchise flick is due in the summer of 2015.  Alongside, lest we forget, such small scale fare as J.J. Abrams’ “Star Wars – Episode Seven” and Joss Whedon’s newly christened “Avengers 2: Age of Ultron”.

Start saving money now, fellow fan-girls and fan-boys – 2015’s going to be a busy summer…





It's as though there isn't enough stupid in the world...
It’s as though there isn’t enough stupid in the world…

I’m sure we were all expecting (dreading?) this, so it’s nice to have it confirmed – 2014’s “Robocop” remake will be rated PG-13.

Because that worked out so well before, didn’t it?

As the saying goes “Those who forget history are doomed to reboot it, pay more for the privilege of doing so and see the fruits of their labours dumped into a quiet February weekend release window”.

As if Murphy’s stomping ground, poor old Detroit, hasn’t had enough bad news recently…



Pwn’d by Clones – a “Star Wars” fan reborn

Junior Jedi Ahsoka Tano and her old mucker, Master Anakin Skywalker
Junior Jedi Ahsoka Tano and her old mucker, Master Anakin Skywalker

How did you fall out of love with “Star Wars”?  For many people – we’ll call them ‘normals’ – the transition from childhood to adult responsibility somehow comes with a jettisoning of any love that they had for George Lucas‘ sci-fantasy adventures.

For others, the prequel trilogy squashed their fandom out of them – by the time that “Episode III” rocked up in 2005 and did a generally decent job of relating Anakin’s final descent towards the Dark Side of the Force, a lot of fans had given up the proverbial Jedi ghost and found other things to entertain them.

I’ve always kept an eye on “Star Wars”, even though my relationship with the series is somewhat love-hate.  Karen Traviss’ Republic Commando novels found their way across my reading desk thanks to a recommendation from Penny Arcade, and I picked up the movie-which-wasn’t-really-a-movie, “Star Wars: The Clone Wars”.  Didn’t watch it, being rather underwhelmed by the animation style and kid-skewing tone of the piece, but I still bought it.

I knew that something was up when I didn’t rush out to buy the prequel and classic trilogy Blu-Rays in 2011 – on the face of it, that particular addition to my HD film library was a no-brainer, so why wasn’t I more excited by it?  Why indeed?

It took something to reel me back into the fold and, wouldn’t you know it, that thing was those aforementioned “Clone Wars”.

I’ve begun watching the show in the UK on the CN Too channel and have been gorging my way through seasons for the past few weeks.  It’s every thing that I wanted from the “Star Wars” prequels, in bite-sized, 22 minute long chunks of Sith versus Republic goodness.

J.J. has a lot to live up to with the next three movies, let me tell you…



“Gatchaman” trailer battles planets, confuses Fluffrick

Children of the 80s – I give you a trailer for the soon-come, live action version of “Gatchaman”, the Japanese anime series probably better known to many in its western form, “Battle of the Planets“.

Due to open in Japan in August, this teaser gives you much of what you were expecting – elaborate and cosplay-ready costumes, proto-emo heroes and heroine battling disposable lackeys and the all-important appearance of the flaming Phoenix ship in full flight.  There’s even the female form of arch purple menace Zoltar there, if mine eyes don’t deceive.

Suffice to say that I understand not a word of what’s going on, but I love the look of it.   And isn’t science ninja ass-kicking somewhat of a universal language?  I like to think so.

I suspect that the wilder aspects of the anime “Science Ninja Team Gatchaman” (bone-crunching violence, cursing, villain Zoltar’s intriguing  issues) won’t be making the jump to the big screen this time around…


He’ll be back – new “Terminator” trilogy incoming?

Arnold Schwarzenegger in "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines" - image (C) Robert Zuckerman/Warner Bros
Arnold Schwarzenegger in “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines” – image (C) Robert Zuckerman/Warner Bros

Lest you think that this blog has turned into a tribute to 80’s Action Icons, news reaches me that agreement has been reached behind the scenes and a prospective new trilogy of “Terminator” movies will be bothering multiplexes from summer 2015.  With, you guessed it, the Austrian Oak himself confirming his involvement.

As one of the five or six people globally who quite enjoyed the McG-helmed, 2009 future war “Terminator:Salvation”, this news can only be welcome.  Whilst several miles away from perfect – the climactic surgical procedure is a real face-palm moment – McG’s movie undid a lot of the damage wrought by “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines” and actually gave us what fans had wanted to see since 1984’s original James Cameron classic.

If “Terminator: Salvation” has a USP, it’s that it set out to give the viewer an extended look at the future war mostly spoken about in previous franchise entries, a cataclysm which pitted machine against man and gave birth to the torturous, not always plausible, tangled web of paradoxes we’ve been (mostly) entertained by ever since.

Producing the film, intriguingly, are siblings Megan and David Ellison, who’ve followed very different paths to bring films to the screen – Megan Ellison’s Annapurna Pictures have brought you the likes of “Lawless”, “The Master” and “Zero Dark Thirty” whilst brother David’s Skydance Productions have credits including “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol”, “G.I. Joe – Retaliation”, “Jack Reacher”, “Star Trek Into Darkness” and “World War Z”.

The film has a tentative release date of June 26th 2015, pitching it headlong into a summer which includes the hotly anticipated J.J. Abrams “Star Wars: Episode 7”, a fifth “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Independence Day 2” and, oh yes, “The Avengers 2”.

No pressure, then.