A learner driver writes…

No, internet wit, the 'L' doesn't stand for 'Loser'...

I have my second driving test on Monday.  Yes, Halloween.  Not sure what to make of that date, but I didn’t really have much say in it – it was, as they say, available

The first one went mostly well until I completely botched a roundabout and somehow contrived how to deal with lane discipline.  I had no minor errors to speak of – but those major ones did me in.

So, second time around I plan to pass, if only because taking the test is so bloody expensive – each time that I’ve paid for the test I’ve been unable to escape the very real idea that I could have bought a game for that – probably even one of those absurdly overpriced collector’s editions.

I know, I know – the cost of driving only gets more expensive once you actually get your license and have to pay for insurance, MOT’s and all that jazz but I’m going to be splitting the cost with Mrs Rolling Eyeballs, as I really don’t need to own a car myself.  I live in a city and there just isn’t the room to park another vehicle in the area that I live in.  I might be able to park a unicycle – the jury’s out on that.

Am I confident?  I know that I’m a pretty decent driver – something that I suspect which comes with age, experience and a healthy sense of pathological distrust for everybody else on the road – but the actual belief in my ability to pass the test is something else.  Everyone around me – including, thankfully, my long-suffering teacher – is positive that I can do it.  I know that I can do it – I just have to lock to let the glass half-empty side of my personality securely away for a couple of hours on Monday so that my inner Negative Nigel can be wholly and completely usurped.

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