Star Trek – Into Sniffles

"Dammit, Fluffrick, I'm a Doctor not a miracle worker..."
“Dammit, Fluffrick, I’m a Doctor not a miracle worker…”


I blame the Romulans.

Who else would infect your humble blogger and Mrs Rolling Eyeballs with Arcturian Space-Lurgy on the very weekend that “Star Trek Into Darkness” opens in UK cinemas.

Suffice is to say that I’m on spoiler lock-down until I can find my way to a cinema playing said slice of cinematic fried gold.

Whilst I wait for the opportunity to witness the second of J J Abrams’ filmic reboots of Mr Roddenberry’s magnum opus, I’m making do with promo interviews like this very entertaining meeting of minds between Simon Pegg and Alice Eve.

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