More Than Meets The Eye – Europe!

Thank Cadburys Chocolate Bar –  it’s Friday!

After a week which can best be described as cold-ridden and generally unpleasant, I’m more than happy to unwind with one of the better aspects of the last seven days – fluffy-haired purveyors of peerless 80’s hard rock and gleaming-toothed Swedish troubadours – Europe!

Yes, the dudes from Upplands Vasby, Stockholm who released classic AOR, keyboard-drenched classic, “The Final Countdown”.  I’ve been playing their astonishingly good value “Greatest Hits” record throughout the week – 36 mp3 tracks for £4.99 from Amazon?  Don’t mind if I do! – and it really drives home what a fine band they were and continue to be.

Indeed, the cheese is strong with them from a contemporary perspective but many of those songs are undeniable works of genius.  See the song linked above, or their 1991 single, “I’ll Cry For You”:

Fun Fact – Power Metal fans of a certain stripe may know the Edguy cover of this song, which is equally charming.

And it’s not as if the band have rested on their laurels – they’re still making the rounds of festivals and headlining tours themselves, having been introduced to new audiences at recent bows at  Bloodstock and Download.  Say what you like about the faint whiff of Prästost given off by the band’s image – the hooks and insanely melodic songs more than cut the flatbrod…

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