Coulson Lives!

Huzzah – an “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D” TV series promo is with us!

Being a cynical soul, I’ve got reservations about how a weekly Marvel Universe TV series could be sustained.  These are mostly related to my conviction that that the 24 Episodes US TV season model is a recipe for treading water and pushing out forgettable product rather than delivering fantastic storytelling each week.  If “Doctor Who” can’t hit the jackpot each week with fewer episodes a year to play with, what chance a show which has to exercise Clint Barton-like accuracy from September to April?

Whedon show?  Whedon show.
Whedon show? Whedon show.


That said, whose geeky heart doesn’t beat slightly quicker at the notion of plucky S.H.I.E.L.D agents having to work in the shadows and keep all safe from super-powered miscreants domestic, foreign and intergalactic?  And as for the prospect of having Cap or Tony Stark turn up for sweeps cameos? Oy vey!

Who would bet against the House of Ideas at this point?  “Iron Man 3” has enjoyed what some might call a divided response from critics and audience alike – FYI,  I loved it – but has still made $948,993,000 in a little over two weeks.  I’m not sure that a TV show can enjoy quite that much love, but I’d love to see the extended Whedon family knock one out of the park…


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