“Pacific Rim” trailer 1, Giant Fracking Monsters 0

Alright, it’s Jaeger time.  Let’s do this.

Guillermo Del Toro’s epic rock-em, sock-em monster mash picture “Pacific Rim” is one of this summer’s biggest gambles but it’s one that I really want to see, and I have no real history to speak of with the “Godzilla”-like flicks and Mech Animes which this film so lovingly homages.  Love Del Toro, but I’m no “Gojira” fanboy, so you know that I’m coming from a position of relatively well-adjusted geekdom.

It opens in the States and the UK on the 12th of July.  A perfect season to sit in an air-conditioned megaplex and watch ancient alien beasts get smacked up by giant robots using container ships as baseball bats, wouldn’t you agree.

Plus – Idris Elba is cancelling the apocalypse.  And do you want to argue with Stringer Bell?


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