“Gatchaman” trailer battles planets, confuses Fluffrick

Children of the 80s – I give you a trailer for the soon-come, live action version of “Gatchaman”, the Japanese anime series probably better known to many in its western form, “Battle of the Planets“.

Due to open in Japan in August, this teaser gives you much of what you were expecting – elaborate and cosplay-ready costumes, proto-emo heroes and heroine battling disposable lackeys and the all-important appearance of the flaming Phoenix ship in full flight.  There’s even the female form of arch purple menace Zoltar there, if mine eyes don’t deceive.

Suffice to say that I understand not a word of what’s going on, but I love the look of it.   And isn’t science ninja ass-kicking somewhat of a universal language?  I like to think so.

I suspect that the wilder aspects of the anime “Science Ninja Team Gatchaman” (bone-crunching violence, cursing, villain Zoltar’s intriguing  issues) won’t be making the jump to the big screen this time around…


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