Beware…The Benman!

The Dark (Coated) Knight
The Dark (Coated) Knight

Oh, internet – when will you learn?

No sooner had the news broken that heart-throb-turned-hypethenate Ben Affleck had signed up to play Batman in Zack Snyder’s 2015-bound follow-up to “Man of Steel”than forums, comment sections and social media went into full-on nerd meltdown mode.  Really – it’s not pretty.

Stepping back for a second, can you imagine the proverbial hot mess Snyder would have unleashed by casting, say, Robert Pattinson in the role?  It would almost have been worth it just for the epic, NeoGaf off-topic forum craziness.

Affleck, lest we forget, is actually a pretty decent actor when he’s not being a fantastic director.  Naysayers can try to skew the debate by invoking “Daredevil” (which he’s not that bad in), “Gigli” or – shudder – “Pearl Harbor” as evidence of his limitations as an actor, but it’s just as easy to remember that he did sterling work in “Dogma”, “Changing Lanes”, “Hollywoodland” (eerie!) and the double-bill of “The Town” and “Argo”, to name but some of his back catalogue.

I’m the first to admit that some of his nineties and early 2000’s output lacks, shall we say, a certain delightful consistency, but which working actor can’t ‘fess up to the same problem?  You can’t hit a home run (or a cricket century) every time you’re up batting.

How about we step back for a second and – you know – let the cameras actually roll on the movie before we wade in and start ripping about a movie project which could be seriously fricking cool?


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