“Need for Speed” movie trailer – the Fast and the Spurious?


Well, that escalated quickly.

Electronic Arts’ street racing video game series gets the movie treatment in next Spring’s “Need for Speed” series, with “Breaking Bad” leading light Aaron Paul taking the lead and trying his level best not to be outshone by souped-up Bugatti Veyrons and their exotic automotive ilk.

I’m a little bemused by the approach that the marketing bods have taken to this film, to be frank.  The obvious comparison, Universal’s “Fast and Furious” movies,  are big on broad-strokes drama but never entirely convince, as the increasingly loopy set-pieces in the flicks means that you can’t take all of the sotto voce, ‘we’re all about family‘ nonsense seriously.

Paul’s voice over duties on this trailer suggest that those behind “Need For Speed” are gunning for a street racing crime flick which is more Scorsese-lite crime saga than excuse to flip some million dollar sports cars around in blatant defiance of established physics.

And I don’t know what to feel about that.  Imogen Poots and Dominic Cooper generally improve anything that they’re in, so maybe this is one 2014 action franchise which might be worth a look.

Just tone down the portentous bobbins chaps, yes?

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