“Guardians of the Galaxy” – Marvel’s cosmic gamble?


Never let it be said that Marvel don’t take risks. ┬áNot since Kevin Feige and the Cinematic House of Ideas took a chance on a trash-talking billionaire has there been such a risky proposition for the filmic arm of the comics giant.

Somehow, after watching the second trailer for August’s “Guardians of the Galaxy“, I get the sense that Marvel Studios and writer/director James Gunn have pulled together the kind of cosmos-spanning, action-driven sci-fi comedy which DC’s misbegotten “Green Lantern” adaptation tried to be and failed.

Of course, a trailer can be cut to accentuate the positive and obscure the very worst that a film has to offer – I was hyped for “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” until I, you know, saw it – but the energy, snark and bonkers creativity just pours off the screen, doesn’t it?

Dare we hope that Marvel’s cinematic slate for 2014 is a one-two punch of awesome (“Captain America: The Winter Soldier” being the other part of the equation)? ┬áHeck, if you count the mysterious “Big Hero Six” animated feature from Disney this autumn, we’ve actually got three Marvel Cinematic Universe entries this year.

My most eagerly anticipated film of the year stars a talking tree and a homicidal, ordinance-packing space raccoon: I’m not sure what that says about me…



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