Sonic Syndicate – the return?

Can it be?  Are Sweden’s Sonic Syndicate – back?

They’ve been on hiatus for a fair while, but this weekend’s video from their official SOSY YouTube channel indicates that Swedish Melodic Death Metal types Sonic Syndicate are working on new material, recording a new material and returning to give Blabbermouth comment trolls a reason to hone their oh-so-witty commentary anew (seriously, if YouTube’s comments section indicates the basest negativity of humanity, Blabbermouth’s vile repository of scum and villainy makes it looks like Mumsnet or something).

Should we expect new music from the band in 2014, then?  Or is an Autumn 2013 release but a pipe dream?


Jeff Hanneman – Slayer’s Shred Lord – 1964 to 2013

Jeff Hanneman of Slayer, who died on May 2nd 2013 at 49 years old.

Sad news this morning – Slayer’s long-time guitar player and songwriter Jeff Hanneman has passed away at the age of 49.  The cause of death has been listed as liver failure, with many speculating that the guitarist’s brush with necrotizing fasciitis (following a spider bite) and the subsequent medication required to combat it will have played their part in his early passing.  So serious was this injury that it essentially sidelined Hanneman, compelling him to withdraw from Slayer’s regular touring schedule, with Exodus’ Gary Holt substituting for him from 2011 on.

Though the band’s Kerry King has long been the visual lynch pin of the band, Hanneman’s writing and – crucially – face-melting riffs are a large part of what made the band one of the Thrash Metal scene’s Big Four.   If you’re humming the rampaging chords from “Raining Blood” now, I can’t say as I blame you.

As my cable company have currently provided the 2010 Sofia Bulgaria show from the Big Four tour, replete with Slayer, I can think of no better way to remember the great guitarist’s blistering riffs and headbanging tunes.

RIP, Sir, RIP.


Moving Day


"Are we there yet?"
“Are we there yet?”

If you’re reading this – and I’d like to think that you are – then you’ve made your way safely to Fluffrick’s new home on T3h IntErnetz.

I had streamers and noise-makers, this is where we should be letting them fly, wouldn’t you agree?

There may well be some adjustments for me to make as I gravitate towards a self-hosted blog, so please bear with me and enjoy the unintended comedy of a fortysomething novice flinging about html and css around with abandon (pre-made templates FTW…).

As we were, then.

Me Made May 2013 – Local Man Wears Shirt, Looks Shifty…

Oddly enough, I’ve never modelled…

Never underestimate the influence of your better half.

Mrs Rolling Eyeballs – for it is her work – has enlisted my help in spreading awareness of Me Made May (Yes, it’s the fifth month of the year already.  Let’s try not to think about what this means for the increasing flow of sand cascading remorselessly through our personal egg timers and beckoning ever closer the dread fingers of Death…).

Mrs RE has been taking part in this celebration of upcycling, clothes fabrication and fashion-based frugality for a few years now and has been decent enough to make me clothes and accessories of a hand-made and artisan nature, so it seems only fair that I do my bit to show that you don’t have to buy expensive brand names and stoke the fires of globalisation.

Henceforth, for one month only, please expect a smattering of pictures of your humble blogger looking awkward and wondering why the camera appears to add not only ten pounds but a whole mess of existential angst to boot…

The garment depicted above is a baseball-style jersey, which comes replete with bespoke tag at the collar and is superbly comfy.  There’s also lovely sewing details at the collar and cuffs which adds subtle visual interest.  I really do like it – and you’ll be seeing similar entries rendered into being by my wife’s DIY sewing talents in posts to be named later…